Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Put talent one click away

Zahra recalls her family's experience when the
Taliban controlled Afghanistan, and eyes her
future skeptically. She shares her story and
Farsi conversation on MOGwee.
Last week I posted that talented people too often find work ad hoc. It doesn’t have to stay that way. Just as Airbnb and Uber have re-trained markets to put services where people are demanding them, we need a platform that puts amazing people, perspectives and skills one-click away.

Santos advocates for better public health practices
in Sierra Leone, but his work has been dangerous.
After losing his parents to Ebola, he redoubles his
efforts to improve sanitation and hygiene practices.
He shares his story and hopes for success on MOGwee.
Mautasm escaped Syria with his family as a young teen,
and left his parents when he ventured across the Aegean
 on a small raft with his brothers. His journey was marked
 by fear, deception, and xenophobia, but he remains optimistic.
Now finishing high school in Germany, he shares his story on
MOGwee, trying to earn enough to write a book.

So this spring with my cousin and friends we cooked up MOGwee.com, where curiosity meets talent.
The platform enables users to explore fascinating people the way we search Amazon, book time to chat, e-pay, and video-chat all in one place.

This message isn’t a sales pitch, it’s a call to invest more of ourselves in the people around us. Do you know someone over-talented and under-compensated? Think about referring her or him to post a profile here. Are you looking for a Dari instructor, a meditation coach or a traditional healer? Or would you be ready to talk to a young woman in Mazer-e Sherif about her life under the Taliban, or a young man in Freetown who lost his family to Ebola? Expand your boundaries and take things from another perspective for a change.

I want people to earn more. I want to create a million jobs. Help me do it.

#MOGwee #marketplaceofhumanexperience

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