Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Team of Teams

Sezim Zhenishbekova leads MOGwee Bishkek
Taking a cue from Stanley McChrystal’s insights about constructing an adaptable, multi-national team, I’m glad to gather my friends across 9 countries as mobilizers for MOGwee. 

From Peter Koroma in Freetown and Esther and Emmanuel Zamble in Abdijan to Dmytro Potekhin in Kyiv, Sezim Zhanishbekova in Bishkek, Shams Niyozov in Dushanbe and Simin Shokrullah in Kabul, 
Lan Thai Vo leads MOGwee Ho Chi Minh City
to Myo Min Thu in Yangon, Sovannarote Kang in Phnom Penh, Kim Phuong in Hanoi to Lan Thai Vo in Ho Chi Minh City, we are a team of teams.

Simin Shokrullah leads MOGwee Kabul

Esther Zamble leads MOGwee Abidjan
with her father, Emmanuel
 Each of my friends—university students, professors, and activists—reaches out to their friends, identifies opportunities where enterprising personalities merge with fascinating life stories, great skills, and access to internet. It begins with brainstorming—a young poet in Yangon, a painter in Kabul, a musician in Abidjan, a family of bee-keepers in Bishkek—who can we find? How could we turn it into video-chat? How can we photograph and describe and sell this experience to others?

And as our teams begin to hold small workshops, café meetings with their friends and colleagues, we are beginning to see a team of teams take shape. See their progress at

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